Friday, December 23, 2011

Just me in a nut shell

Happily Single
 Mild Cerebral Palsy (It doesn't define who I am I define who I am!)
I love my family
Oldest of 4
I believe If you're lucky enough to be different never change (Thank You Taylor)
I love God
I LOVE Taylor Swift
Saw Taylor in concert on 8/14/11
I love Black and White
I believe in ghost
I hate Pickles
I love Yadier Molina
I eat sleep and breathe anything and everything Taylor Swift
I love old people
I think Betty White is soooooo cute and hilarious
I'm addicted to pintrest
I bite my nails
I have 2 computers
I love my phone
I'm going to be a graphic designer
I love Derek Hough (Like Seriously)
I'm the blondest brunette you'll ever meet
I love my puppies

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